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Nowadays, technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Businesses must be able to keep up or be left behind. However, implementing, managing and utilizing these new technologies can be a challenge for businesses. Perhaps, a managed service provider is the solution. With a managed service provider, you can eliminate the complexities that come with these new technologies and leverage them to get a better business performance without breaking the bank.







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As a leading managed SD-WAN provider, JEDI is responsible for monitoring, managing and securing the SD-WAN service for every type of network infrastructure with a consistent standard of services, according to your need. JEDI Managed SD-Wan technology will assist you to maximize the performance of your available bandwidth in smarter, faster, and simpler way to ensure workers will gain the best performance of connectivity in any remote locations.

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Managed WIFI

As the world is getting more connected, there are no denying that devices are becoming increasingly reliant to wireless connectivity. Thus, Wi-Fi has become an absolute necessity to operate. With managed Wi-Fi services, the provider can give you valuable insight into your company’s network use and optimizing your network for continued business success without breaking the bank.


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Small and medium-sized enterprise often has limited IT capabilities. Therefore, they see Managed Network Service (MNS) as their opportunity to improve their IT and network operations without having to hire IT staff. As a trusted Managed Network Service provider, JEDI offers you a full service of network management and helps you improve your business’ network infrastructure operation in the most cost-effective way. JEDI will remotely monitor, operate, maintain, and analyze your network performance and ensure you to reduce network latency and congestion to help crucial business applications respond faster and improve end user experience in dispersed locations.