As the world is getting more connected, there are no denying that devices are becoming increasingly reliant to wireless connectivity. Therefore, Wi-Fi has become an absolute necessity for businesses to operate. However, managing Wi-Fi to ensure seamless connectivity is a long and complicated process that require many resources, expertise, and cost. Outsourcing it to a trusted service provider is the solution.


About Manage WI-FI

With a managed Wi-Fi service from Jedi Solutions, you can enjoy seamless Wi-Fi connection within your organization and continuous support for your every need. Our certified IT talents will take care of the entire lifecycle of your Wi-Fi, including designing, engineering, installing the wireless systems, and managing the entire network. We will guarantee a faultless Wi-Fi experience for you.

Our services


Gain Greater Visibility

With Jedi managed Wi-Fi service, you can view, understand, and control your Wi-Fi network through a monitoring dashboard. This information will allow you to understand your business better and make quick business decisions.


Better Security

Wi-Fi is a broadcast medium that can be highly insecure. With layered security such as encryption, centralized authentication, and tracking functions, Jedi managed Wi-Fi service can strenghten your Wi-Fi security.


Operational Cost Reduction

Wi-Fi infrastructure is extremely complex and dynamic. Upgrades are often needed to keep up with business needs. Jedi managed Wi-Fi service ensures an affordable, smooth, and hassle-free maintenance.


Guest Wi-Fi Management

Manage & restrict network utilization and avoid phishing. Improve User Experience and understand the behavior of your Users.