Our Managed Infrastructure solutions help you eliminate the headaches of maintenance, support, and staying up-to-date. We offer a range of technology infrastructure, from server management and security to data backup, network upkeep and storage, all supported 24/7 by our Jedi Care team.


About Managed Infrastructure

We offer IT solutions which are sophisticated, cost-effective, and constantly evolving. It’s more than just technology investment. Customers can free up time, capital and accelerate their potential growth by finding the right balance between innovation and investment.

Jedi Managed Infrastructure empowers customers to a new competitive advantage that will not only get customers ahead, but keep them there with expertise aligned to help them meet their business goals. All without costly capital investment in obsolete equipment, software, and recurring costs of people and facilities.

Focus on Business Growth with Managed Infrastructure


Business Continuity

Exceptional business continuity, minimising down-time and reducing risk


Cutting-edge Expertise & Support

Build a system that reflect your needs and working style, with access to support to protect your critical IT infrastructure, users and applications.


Reduce Business Cost

Minimize investment into your own IT infrastructure and its support.


Service-Level Guarantees

All services are backed by 24/7 service-level agreements tailored to your business needs, objectives and environment.